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Social Media Marketing Retainer Service Packages

As a freelance social media marketing specialist and designer, I offer comprehensive services to enhance your online presence. With my expertise in social media marketing, I can help you create effective strategies and engaging content for your social media platforms. From content creation to scheduling and analytics, I provide end-to-end support to ensure your social media campaigns are successful. As a dedicated professional, I will keep you updated on the progress of your campaigns and provide detailed reports to measure their effectiveness.


Let’s work together to elevate your social media presence and achieve your marketing goals


Hiring a freelance social media marketing specialist provides cost savings, expertise, flexibility, personalized attention, creativity, adaptability, and a results-oriented approach to your social media marketing efforts.


Lower overhead costs compared to agencies or hire a full timer


Adapt to project needs and duration.

Specialized Expertise

Niche knowledge in social media marketing.

Personalized Attention

Direct communication and quick response times.

Creativity & Fresh Perspective

Unique ideas for engaging your audience.

Focus on results

Motivated to achieve your social media goals.

Digital Marketing Service Package

  • Light

  • from700/mo
      • Account set up
      • FB & IG platform
      • 2 posts per week
      • 2 reels
      • 2 stories
      • Support inbox reply

  • Regular

  • from900/mo
      • Account set up
      • FB & IG platform & Tiktok
      • 3 static posts per week
      • 3 reels
      • 2 stories
      • Support inbox reply

Our Social Media Management Services include

  • Social Network Setup
  • Brand Reputation Analysis
  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis
  • Data-Driven Social Strategy
  • Original Social Media Posts
  • Branded & Customized Images
  • Cover & Profile Photo Design
  • Boosted Post Ad Management (fees apply)